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We are % Arabica Coffee Roaster & Farm. We use % for our logo, because this is how coffee cherries look on the branch.

We are a UNIQUE coffee brand, and here are the reasons why.

We are UNIQUE because we own a coffee farm in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, producing the world famous, Kona Coffee.

We are UNIQUE because we trade a variety of speciality coffee beans from the world. Ninety Plus Coffee is the most innovative coffee producer in the industry, and we use their amazing beans at % Arabica.

we are UNIQUE because we use Slayer at % Arabica , Slayer is one of the best espresso machines in the world.

We are UNIQUE because All our beans are roasted to order at % Arabica.


% Arabica has a great deal of transparency in their process.
Green beans are stored in a temperature-controlled case opposite the bar, the roasting is done in-house at the back of the shop with examples of different roasts, and the barista is clearly visible from the counter when they make your drink. The perfect view for a perfect pour.. No punches were pulled along with my espresso and the quality of the beans and technique is clear: a smooth, thin espresso with heavy crema. All our baristas are trained in latte art, so your cup of coffee looks as good as it tasted!
The coffee industry is in the middle of the third wave boom, but at % Arabica, we’d like to chase more than just a trend but to pursue the everlasting value in coffee. The aim is to become a timeless coffee brand, which can lead the industry for generations to come. The menu is a minimal, no-frills offering. No added ‘syrups ‘or whipped cream. It’s purely about good coffee.
With a surge in third wave coffee companies popping up at every corner of the globe, where many seem to be lacking in originality. At % Arabica, we constantly ask the stores highlight national identity, pride, and the beauty of each individual country, so that our customers can be enlightened by the cultural differences and truly ‘See the World Through Coffee.


Kenneth Shoji founded % Arabica from a need to have an amazing cup of coffee everyday.In order to provide the best coffee possible, Kenneth Shoji, the founder of % Arabica purchased a coffee farm in Hawaii, started a green bean trading company, became the sole-exporter of a Japanese roasting machine called the ‘Tornado King’ as well as a distributor of one of the best espresso machines in the world, the ‘Slayer’.
Together with a world latte art champion, Junichi Yamaguchi, Kenneth and their collaboration, in order to make a new generation coffee brand in Kyoto that will challenge the world. With the help of remarkably talented architect, Masaki Kato, Kenneth opened % Arabica in Hong Kong and then beautiful historic city of Kyoto.
With its unique design and quality coffee % Arabica has rapidly gained popularity in the industry, and is now expanding all over the world.Through the brand, young coffee lovers can “See the world through coffee”.At % Arabica UAE its about quality coffee roasted fresh in-house at our flagship store at CITY WALK.Top espresso machine, top roaster, top coffee, top experience.
% Arabica’s o offerings include 12 single origin coffee beans – prime quality coffee with unique tastes and a richness that you can only get from fresh roasted coffee to a meticulously created roast profile.